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Maths Curriculum

Maths is a strength of Carterknowle.  Our carefully structured, progressive maths curriculum is based on the White Rose Maths Hub planning resource.  Through use of the latest research into how children learn our maths curriculum is innovative in its use of interleaving knowledge – switching between ideas while studying.  It also makes good use of dual coding (combining words and visuals), spaced practice (returning to key knowledge over time), concrete examples, elaboration and retrieval practice.

Children progress well in maths, benefiting from whole class and small group teaching.  Where children find maths difficult they are given extra support.  This is often additional tuition time, but also includes using the methods described above, such as giving concrete examples to help understand abstract ideas.

Our maths curriculum helps children to become confident and successful mathematicians.  They become resilient learners as they see making mistakes as part of the learning process.  Children become fluent in both arithmetic and reasoning; this results in them being well-prepared for maths at secondary school.

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