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Y5 Curriculum

In Year 5, we work together to progressively develop children’s knowledge and skills whilst also enhancing their understanding of the world around us.  Our projects include history, geography, science and art and are entitled: A Space Odyssey; Rotten Romans; Smashing Saxons; Push Me, Pull Me; Lush Life; and Victorious Vikings Through exciting and challenging learning and activities, the children discover what makes the Earth unique, how our world has developed into the special place it is today and why we should value it.  Children are given opportunities to become ‘experts in their field’ through inspirational enrichment activities, such as travelling back in time to become fully immersed in the Viking Age at Jorvik Viking Centre.  We also have experts who visit the school to share their skills, such as encouraging ‘engineers in-the-making’ to design and construct innovative bridges.


The curriculum at Carterknowle is carefully sequenced to revisit knowledge acquired in previous years, and develop this throughout Year 5. We plan exciting and challenging lessons, which are relevant to the world today, and hope to nurture an inquisitive nature and a sense of wonder.  Citizenship is inherent throughout: they will develop their environmental awareness and respect for the planet as well as exploring and valuing their local community.

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