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Y6 Curriculum

In Year 6, the children continue their journey as global citizens, developing an awareness of the world around them and considering how the city they call ‘home’ plays a part in the wider world. The children work together to develop and grow, becoming independent and responsible members of the school community, prepared for the next exciting step.  


Our projects include history, geography, science and art and are entitled: Our Steel City; Extreme Earth project; The World at War and All the World’s a Stage. Through exciting and challenging learning the children acquire an understanding of why Sheffield developed as a settlement in this location and how it has changed throughout history. They find out about its industries and the challenges these have faced.  They work as Geographers to learn about extreme weather and natural disasters that affect our World. They then learn about a hugely significant period of British history, the second World War and find out why Britain went to war in 1945 including some of the key moments during the war, including, developing an understanding of why Sheffield was a target during the Blitz.  Finally, they will take a much deserved and confident bow before the curtain falls with everyone involved in the end of year performance.  The children gather and make props, design scenery, create costumes and take full control of the technology needed.  They act out the script, energetically perform the songs and create beautiful programmes and posters to accompany the show.  During this half term, there is also a strong focus on preparing for the next big step, taking part in a range of activities which encourage their independence as well as leaving a legacy at Carterknowle, raising money for school using their enterprise skills and training up the younger children to fill the roles they have taken on this year.   

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